270 HP (199 KW)

The BUKH S-Series Piezo controlled common rail injections system delivers 270 HP and 57,6 kg·m torque from the 3.0 liter V6 CRDI engine.

The advanced design also makes it ultralight, quiet an fuel efficient with extremely compact dimensions. The CGI block is lighter and quieter than conventional gray cast iron and demonstrates at least 85 percent higher tensile strength, 45 percent higher stiffnee and approximately double the fatique strength of iron and aluminum.

Technical Description


  • Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) cylinder block
  • Aluminium head
  • Nine balance weight crank shaft
  • Oil cooled piston
  • V6 4 valve DOHC
  • Hydraulic lash adjusters
  • Integrated water jacket
  • Low noise duplex timing chain
  • Hydraulic timing chain tensioner
  • Single serpentine belt system
  • Drive belt auto tensioner

Engine Mounting
  • Adjustable engine mount

Lubrication System
  • Easily exchangeable oil filter cartridge
  • Electric oil extraction pump
  • Seawater cooled oil cooler
  • Chain drive engine oil pump

Fuel System
  • Common rail direct injection (Solenoid injector)
    • 1,800 bar New generation Piezo injectors
  • Fuel filter with sensor detecting water in fuel
  • Electric low pressure pump
  • Dual pressure control valve
  • Low and high pressure fuel pump

Electrical System
  • 12 volt system and 150A alternator
  • Auxiliary engine stop button
  • Glow plugs for a trouble-free cold start
  • NMEA 2000 Converter (Optional)
  • 2 Pole system (Optional)

Cooling System
  • Seawater pump directly driven from the camshaft
  • Seawater cooled intercooler, heat exchanger
  • Auxiliary connector for cabin heater
  • Corrosion resistant material for seawater circuit

Engine Operating Indicator
  • Engine self protection and diagnosis
  • Display CAN information
  • Display engine diagnostic error code
  • Audible alarm and control lamps

Air inlet System
  • Oil wetted and reusable air filter
  • Crankcase gas vented into the air inlet
  • Intake silencer (Optional)

Exhaust System
  • Engine coolant cooled exhaust manifold
  • Thermal insulated exhaust system
  • Seawater cooled exhaust elbow

  • Electric Variable Geometry Turbine (E-VGT)

Engine Coupler
  • Life-Iong and rattle free rubber roller coupler
  • Torsion spring type for waterjet

  • US EPA Tier 3, IMO and RCD compliant
Marine Gear - Model ZF 45 C for S270J:
Gear Ratio 1:1
Weight 31 Kg
Pass-by Noise Level
  • 69.3dB (RCD Standard 75dB)

Engine rotation (looking forward) Anti-clockwise
Propeller rotation (looking forward) Anti-clockwise
Bore and stroke 85/89
Compression ratio 17.5:1
Engine type S270J
Engine crankcase vent syst Closed
Weight dry kg 334
Engine duty rating C11 - High Speed Craft Commercial_2
Output [ps(kW)] acc. to ISO 8665 270 (199)
rom@full load 3800
Displacement [cc] 2959
Max. torque [kgm] 51
At speed [rpm] 3800
Injection system Common Rall Direct Injection (Piezo injector)
Alternator [A] 12V 150A
Electronic engine diagnostic YES
Max. Fuel consumption [L/h] 53,8
Propulsion system Shaftdrive / Water jet
Cylinders V6