BUKH beta lifeboat diesel engines

The BUKH Beta Lifeboat Diesel Engines set new standards for low exhaust emissions and contribute to the reduction of marine environmental pollution
They comply with the Tier standards which have been made technically possible through the incorporation of pre-combustions chamber injection instead of common rail / unit injection. This eliminates the need for vulnerable electronic devices for control of fuel volumes and improves the operational reliability.
This design allowed the engines to pass and obtain the US Coast Guard approval for use as lifeboat engines.
Further to these features, the BUKH BETA series demonstrates outstanding qualities when it comes to the relationship between weight and power.
Standard Equipment
  • Reverse-reduction gear
  • Wet sump lubrication system
  • Pre and main (full flow) filter
  • Keel-cooling with thermostat
  • Air inlet filter
  • Fuel lift pump
  • Electric start
  • Charging alternator with double diode
  • Operating remote panel with
    • Charging light
    • Luboil pressure warning light
    • Cooling water temperature warning light
    • Push button for start and stop
    • Audible warning
  • Fittings for remote control
  • Drain pump for luboil
  • Dry exhaust fitting
  • Up-side-down valve
  • Standard set of tools
  • Operating manual
  • Watercooled exhaust manifold
  • Fittings for keel cooling
  • Centrifugal governor
  • Instrument panel with gauges
    • Tachometer
    • Temperature
    • Oil pressure
  • Spraypump for fireprotected lifeboats that can stand dry-running.
  • Battery switch
  • Remote control
  • 3 blade propeller
  • Propeller shaft
  • Sterntube
  • Front sealing arrangement for sterntube
  • Rear sterntube bearing
  • Propeller shaft coupling
  • 4 different SOLAS approved starting systems
    • Electric start with two independent starting batteries
    • Electric start with two starter motors and two independent starting batteries
    • Electric start and spring start with one battery
    • Electric start and hydraulic start
Reverse-reduction gear ratio 3:1
Engine rotation (looking forward) Anti-clockwise
Propeller rotation (looking forward) Clockwise
Number of cylinders 3
Bore and stroke 78.0 x 78.4 mm (3.07 x 3.09 in)
Swept volume 1123 cm3 (68.53 cu in)
Cycle 4-stroke
Cooling system (standard) Keel-cooling
Inclination, max, fore and aft 30
Heel, max, continuous 25
Fuel consumption, full load 5.5 l/h (1.21 galls/h)
Air consumption 1656 l/min
Exhaust temperature 500C
Electric starter motor 12V (1.2 kW)
Charging alternator 14V, 50 Amp, 700W
Engine crankcase vent syst Closed
Electronic engine diagnostic NO
Max continuous rating (ISO3046) at 28 HP (20.6 kW)
at RPM 3600
Net weight, incl. gearbox 165 kg (364 lbs)
Installation drawing No. 009M8101