BUKH SeasAll D170



170ps [125kW] ace. to ISO 8665

Solenoid controlled common rail injection system delivers 170ps and 36kg · m torque from the 2.2 liter i4 CRDI engine.

The common rail multiple injection features improve i4 D-series on environmental aspects by minimizing the emissions of particulates and NOx.

Designs for optimizing fuel injection and intake port, and combustion performance improved lowtemperature combustion stability through lean air-fuel rationing. This satisfies the world’s strictest exhaust emission standards.

Marine Gear

Model ZF 45 C for D170J:    
Gear Ratio   1:1
Weight [kg]   31


Engine type   D170J
Engine duty rating   Pleasure & Light Commercial 4-Stroke, 4-Valve VGT with intercooler, fresh water cooling
Output [ps(kW)] acc. to ISO 8665   170 (125)
rom@full load   3800
Cylinders   4
Displacement [cc]   2188
Bore [mm]   87
Stroke [mm]   92
Compression ratio   17.3:1
Max. torque [kgm]   34
At speed [rpm]   3500
Injection system   Common Rall Direct Injection (Solenoid injector)
Alternator [A]   120
Electronic engine diagnostic   YES
Max. Fuel consumption [L/h]   36.0
Weight [kg]   261
Propulsion system   Shaftdrive / Waterjet

Technical Description

• Cast iron engine cylinder block
• Aluminium head
• Oil cooled piston
• Hydraulic lash adjusters
• Integrated water jacket
• Balance shaft
• Timing / drive belt auto tensioner
Engine Mounting
• Adjustable engine mount
Lubrication System
• Electric oil extraction pump
• Crankcase gases vented into air inlet
Fuel System
• Common rail direct injection (Solenoid injector)
• Fuel filter with sensor detecting water in fuel
• Electric fuel pump
• Dual pressure control valve
• Low and high pressure fuel pump
Electrical System
• 12 volt system and 120A alternator
• Auxiliary engine stop button
• Glow plugs for a trouble-free cold start
Cooling System
• Camshaft directly connected to seawaterpump
• Seawater cooled intercooler, heat exchanger
•  Connector prepared for cabin heater
Engine Operating Indicator
• Engine self protection and diagnosis
• Display CAN information
• Display engine diagnostic error code
• Audible alarm and control lamps
Air inlet System
• Oil-wetted air cleaner
• Crankcase gases vented into the air inlet
Exhaust System
• Thermal insulated exhaust manifold
• Seawater cooled exhaust elbow
• Variable Geometry Turbine (VGT)
Engine Coupler
• Life-Iong and rattle free rubber roller coupler for sterndrive
• orsion spring type for gearbox
• EPA Tier 2, IMO and RCD compliant
Pass-by Noise Level
• 69.0dB (RCD Standard 75dB)