BUKH V8 / 350 - 500 HP

Diesel Performance

350 - 550 HP (257 - 404 kW)

The BUKH V8 6.6L is a powerfull and compact light weight diesel engine that are designed to suit all commercial and leisure applications. With the strong Duramax base engine and Marinization done by BUKH in Denmark, the BUKH V8 is the right choise when reliability, performance, compact and quality is the keywords for your project.


Following powerrange is avaliable:

BUKH V8 - 300 HP (221 kW)

BUKH V8 - 350 HP (257 kW)

BUKH V8 - 400 HP (294 kW)

BUKH V8 - 450 HP (330 kW)

BUKH V8 - 500 HP (368 kW)

BUKH V8 - 550 HP (404 kW)

See below download for product spec.

Marine Gear / jet adaptor options
  • Jet adaptor (Direct drive)
  • ZF 220
  • ZF280-1
  • TTM60A Gear
  • TTM60V V-drive
  • Sterndrive
Technical Description

Engine Mounting

  • Cast iron cylinder block - Induction hardned for increased durability

  • Nitride hardened steel crankshaft

  • One piece hot forged steel connection rods

  • Aluminum cylinder heads

  • 4 valves per cylinder

  • Frontend gear train 


Engine mounting

  • Flexible engine mounting


Lubrication System

  • Crankcase ventilation system

  • Oil filter relocator / remote filter bracket


Fuel System

  • External fuel filter for remote or on enigne install
  • Fuel cooler installed on engine
  • Bosch CP3 common rail system
  • Pilot injections to reduce combustion noice


Air inlet and exhaust system

  • Exhaust manifolds made of high quality cast aluminium
  • Wet exhaust elbow
  • Intake assembly with integrated stainless steel intercooler
  • Variable geometry turbo (VGT)


Cooling system

  • Freshwater-cooled charge air cooler
  • Seawater cooled heat exchanger

  • Coolant system prepared for hot water outlet
  • Easily accessible seawater pump front of engine

  • Steering oil cooler prepared on engine


Electrical System

  • 12V alternator

  • 24 V alternator (optional)
  • Dual alternator (optional)
  • Dual electric starter (Optional)
  • Glowplugs (Optional)
  • Extra alternator (Optional) 


  • Engine date on 3,5" display
  • Laptop based diagnostics tool
  • J1939 and NMEA2000 can communication
  • Display IP 66 protection (front)





Engine duty rating Avaliable in: C3 - Medium Continuous Commercial_1 / C7 - Special Light Duty Commercial_2 / C10 - High Speed Craft Commercial_1
Titel Type Størrelse Download
BUKH_V8-300_A4.pdf PDF 2.77MB Download
BUKH_V8-350_A4.pdf PDF 2.73MB Download
BUKH_V8-400_A4-1.pdf PDF 2.73MB Download
BUKH_V8-450_A4-1.pdf PDF 2.73MB Download
BUKH_V8-500_A4-1.pdf PDF 2.73MB Download