BUKH D3 / 110-220 HP

BUKH solas marine engine

110 - 220 hp (81 - 162 kW)

Bukh´s 5 cylinder D3 is developed from the latest design in modern diesel technology. The engine is extremely lightweight and compact.

Combined with features like common rail fuel injection system, double overhead camshaft, 4 valves per cylinder, variable geometry turbocharger, after cooler and the EVC system (Electronic Vessel Control) a world-class diesel performance, combined with low emissions, is achieved.


Following powerrange is avaliable:

BUKH D3 - 110 HP (81 kW)

BUKH D3 - 150 HP (110 kW)

BUKH D3 - 170 HP (125 kW)

BUKH D3 - 220 HP (162 kW)

See below download for product spec.

Technical description

Engine block and head

  • Cylinder block and head made of aluminum
  • Cylinder block with integrated bed plate
  • 4-valve technology with hydraulic lash adjusters
  • Double overhead camshafts
  • Oil-cooled pistions with two compressionrings and one oil scraper ring
  • Cast-in gray iron cylinder liners
  • Replaceable valve seats
  • Six-bearing crankshaft
  • Front-end transmission


Engine mounting

  • Flexible engine mounting


Lubrication system

  • Easily replaceable (insert) full-flow oil filter
  • Plate oil cooler


Fuel system

  • Common rail fuel injection system
  • Piezo-electric injectors
  • Constant power output regardless of fuel quality of temperature (5-55ºC / 41-131ºF)
  • Fine filter with water separator and water in fuel sensor with alarm


Air inlet and exhaust system

  • Replaceable air filter
  • Closed crankcase ventiation with oil separator and filter
  • Stainless steel exhaust elbow
  • Turbocharge with variable geometry


Cooling system

  • Thermostatically regulated freshwater cooling
  • Tubular heat exchange with separate large volume expansion tank
  • Coolant system prepared for hot water outlet
  • Easily accessible impeller pump


Electrical system

  • 12V one-pole electrical system
  • 180A alternator, and integrated temperature compensated charging regulator
  • Auxiliary stop button



  • Electronic shift and throttle
  • Full range of instrumentation avaliable


Reverse gear

  • HS45AE Hydraulic - drop center with 8º down angled output shaft - Ratio 2,43:1 or 2,03:1 (RH/LH)
  • HS63IV Hydraulic V-drive - Ratio 2,48:1 or 1,99:1 (RH/LH)

Bore and stroke 81/93,2
Net weight 260
Compression ratio 16,5:1
Engine type D3 - 110_220
Engine crankcase vent syst Closed
Weight dry kg 260 kg
Output [ps(kW)] acc. to ISO 8665 110 (81) / 150 (110) / 170 (125) / 200 (147) / 220 (162)
Displacement [cc] 2400
Injection system Common rail fuel injection system
Alternator [A] 180A
Electronic engine diagnostic YES
Propulsion system Shaftdrive / Waterjet
Max continuous rating (ISO3046) at C12 - High Speed Craft Commercial_3